Street Art Corner: Touring Ghent with Concrete Canvas

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Belgium Ghent Streetart ROA Concrete Canvas

Street Art Corner: Touring Ghent with Concrete Canvas   Recently we visited the hugely underrated Belgian city Ghent, situated just some three hours by train from Amsterdam, a perfect weekend destination for those who like culture, good food and… street art, as we recently discovered. Whereas some cities like Berlin and London are known for their vibrant street art scene, … Read More

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015-light-sky

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015 The Dutch Capital Illuminated   Yes, also in Amsterdam it’s soon Christmas again, which means the streets are fully decorated with festive Christmas decoration. As soon as it becomes dark the Christmas lights are lit everywhere, giving that cozy Christmasy feeling we’re all so familiar with. Yet, this is not all you’ll find in regards to … Read More

Amsterdam’s Hidden Gem: Ons Lieve Heer Op Solder Church

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A Hidden Treasure of Tolerance In the Heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District This article was our contribution to the monthly ArtSmart Roundtable for November 2014, a collaboration between like-minded art-focused travel blogs to write articles on a common theme each first Monday of the month.  This time around we are discussing Hidden Gems.  At the bottom of our article, you’ll find … Read More

Amsterdam’s Museumnacht: Art Accessible For All

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Museumnight Amsterdam Museumnacht

It’s that time of the year again, when the spookiness hits the streets of Amsterdam, when the mist should be hanging heavily over the canals, the shades longer than usually and it’s dead quiet on the streets. Spooky Halloween time? Except this year, of course, when instead of mist we have the warmest ever recorded start to November ever recorded … Read More

The Global Affordable Art Fair Sensation

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Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

The Global Affordable Art Fair Sensation If you compared it to other sectors the commercial art world was backwards, I used to go around art fairs in London in my twenties and I felt I wasn’t being catered for. There I was, with no formal art training but the desire to buy art, and no one was on hand to … Read More

The Clouds of Urszula Korwin Kochanowska

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Urszula Korwin Kochanowska

The Clouds of Urszula Korwin Kochanowska  – Artist in Focus – Once in a while we come across some artworks that just stick in our minds, which make us go back for another look several times. It can be just because they make us smile through their beauty, or their simplicity, or thanks to the colours or the themes. This was also the case with the art … Read More

Rothko’s Colours: His Spiritual Performers

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Rothko Purple and Brown

Rothko’s Colours – His Spiritual Performers Each month there is an opportunity to discover a new topic or new events via the ArtSmart Roundtable, a series of articles by a group of art interested travel bloggers. This month the theme is ‘colour’ and our theme will cover Mark Rothko’s colours explaining his career, especially with his newly opened exhibition at the Gemeentemuseum in … Read More

Salvador Dali’s Catalonia – A Guide to the Dalinian Triangle

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Salvador Dali's Catalonia - Dalinian Triangle Guide 2014 Spain Figueres Dali Theatre Museum

The Dalinian Triangle Salvador Dali’s Universe in Catalonia The ones familiar with Salvador Dali’s surrealistic art may easily get curious about the artist himself, even wishing to get to know this extraordinary man more in depth, an artist who not only got synonymous with surrealistic art in general, but who also transformed his own reality into a surrealistic world. A … Read More

Street Art Corner from Montpellier, France

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Street Art Montpellier A Street Art Corner from France   When arriving in elegant Montpellier streetart was somehow not the first thing we expected to see much of, but we can now say that the street art scene was just one of the pleasant surprises awaiting us in this Southern French city. With an attractive old city-centre, a relaxed atmosphere and a … Read More

Street Art Corner from Girona, Spain

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Street Art Corner from Girona, Spain   After a much welcomed summer-break we’re back again with our Street Art Corner, this time from Girona, Spain! Last week we spontaneously booked a flight to Girona, Spain, looking for some warmth and sun during the rainiest August we’ve had in Amsterdam for a long time. As in many other Spanish cities, like … Read More

Tom Otterness’ Fairytales at Sea Along Scheveningen Beach

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Sculptor Tom Otterness' sculptures At Sea Scheveningen

  Tom Otterness’ Fairytales at Sea Along Scheveningen Beach   It’s not that obvious to most people outside the Netherlands, but the Dutch have their own “Riviera”. Possibly not as spectacular as the Mediterranean original, especially since the water impossibly can get the same shade of blue on the North Sea coast, but nonetheless it is a summer-mecca and always … Read More

Gaudi’s Barcelona: Catalan Art Nouveau At Large

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Gaudi’s Barcelona  Catalan Art Nouveau at large   It’s time again for the ArtSmart Roundtable. This month the topic is Architecture, for which we take you to Barcelona, Spain, for Gaudi‘s modernist architecture. Each month the members of the ArtSmart Roundtable – a number of international art enthusiastic travel bloggers – delve into a topic on the crossroads of art … Read More

Street Art Corner: Exploring Amsterdam’s Street Art Museum

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Exploring Amsterdam’s Street Art Museum for this week’s Street Art Corner   I still remember seeing the first images of the new Street Art Museum Amsterdam online, images of the below mural in progress. While Pau Quintanajornet was working on her piece of art, people from the whole neighbourhood regularly stopped by to see the progress she was making, curious while welcoming this … Read More