This Summer’s Must-See Exhibitions In Düsseldorf

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This Summer’s Must-See Exhibitions In Düsseldorf, Germany   With 26 museums and over 100 galleries in town we can promise you that there’s no need to get bored in the German city of Düsseldorf. Yet, since time – and most likely your energy – is usually limited, we have selected this summer’s must-see art exhibitions in the city, which during … Read More

Naoshima, Japan’s Art Island

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  Naoshima, Japan’s Contemporary Art Island   It’s the first Monday of the month again, which means it’s time for the ArtSmart Roundtable – a monthly event during which a group of art enthusiastic travel bloggers delve into a topic on the crossroads of art and travel. This month the topic is An Art Experience, for which Art Weekenders travels … Read More

The Undersea Art Exhibition

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Recently the Great Barrier Reef – world’s largest coral reef system – was housing a unique art event: the Undersea Art Exhibition. As the name already reveals, the art exhibition took place underwater, at the Marine World activity platform of the cruise-company Reef Magic in the outer Great Barrier Reef, and was only accessible for those venturing out diving or … Read More

AUSTRALIA at The Royal Academy of Arts in London

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Ned Kelly - Australia at The Royal Academy in London

The Royal Academy of Art gathered up two hundred years of Australian art history, put them on boats and shipped them across the globe to London, where they are currently dominating the vast galleries of the museum. Opened this past weekend, it’s a massive and diverse collection, where scale is exactly the focal point of the interest: both in regards … Read More

Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art

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Until today Tibet, which has been occupied by China since 1951, is still largely closed off from the Western world by strict regulations for Tibetans. Tibetans are for example not allowed to travel outside their country and repercussions against Tibetans that express themselves too freely are not uncommon. Hence, the reason for Rachel Perera Weingeist to invite Tibetans living all … Read More