Street Art Tuesday: Bogotá, Colombia


Street Art Tuesday

From Bogota, Colombia


Today is the start of a new weekly series: Street Art Tuesday. Every week we will take you to a different location somewhere around the world to have a look at its street art and the stories and/or street artists behind them. This week we bring you to Bogotá, the Colombian capital, a city that went through a lot of changes the last decade, also in terms of its street art.


Birds by street artist Rodez, Street Art in Bogota, Colombia

Thanks to the flexible laws and open attitude of Colombia – basically decriminalizing street art – many local and international renown street artists have flocked to Bogotá to practice their art. Both the government and local companies are accepting the value street art can have. Besides the introduction of flexible laws, street artists are being commissioned to paint facades of buildings to either limit the endless tagging or as an advertising means. For the street artists themselves it’s an ultimate chance to express their view, which is more often than not politically tainted, expressing dissatisfaction, political opinions or tales from the turbulent Colombian history.


Street Art by the Colombian street artist Stinkfish in Bogota, Colombia.

One of the areas where you’ll find a lot of street art in Bogotá is La Candelaria, the old city and historic part of town. Don’t make the mistake of associating areas full of street art to dangerous areas by the way, as for the above-mentioned reasons this is totally not necessary in this area. Generally you’ll be able to walk around safely in here during day-time, although you may need to watch it in some areas. Use common sense in any case and ask around in doubt.


Street Art by Corrosivo Carsal in La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia.

Do you prefer to discover the street art accompanied by a guide knowing everything about the area, the local street art scene, the street artists around and their stories? Join the free, donation-based tour organized by Bogotá Graffiti.

Based upon our previous experiences in Berlin, Valparaiso and Santiago de Chile we recommend you to join free walking tours, quality is generally always high.

For now we’ll keep it to a virtual tour of the street art we further found in the streets of Bogotá:

Politically tainted street art by Chite Yarumo in La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia.


Staring eyes, Street Art in Bogota, Colombia.


Street Art by Chite Yarumo in La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia.

We always have to formulate a language that shows respect for women, if we would walk in their shoes for just a moment we would be disgusted. – Douglas Cardinal.


In Disguise, Street Art in Bogota, Colombia


In Disguise 2, Street Art in Bogota, Colombia


Cultural identity street art in La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia.

Our identity, our heritage/ Museum Culture/ Colombia

Environmental actions, cultural identity and local ownership.


Ideas, Street Art in Bogota, Colombia

Ideas of the wind


Stencil street Art in Bogota, Colombia

To obey is not to live.


Resistence, Street Art in Bogota, Colombia

Images of resistance for life.

Would you like to contribute to Tuesday Street Art series, either by your own photos, stories or knowledge or you happen to know the artist behind one of the works we have featured, just write us an email at wkndr(at)artweekenders.com. We’re always happy to hear from you.


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