The Dutch and Water: A Complex Relationship

The Complex relationship of the Dutch and the water surrounding them

A new month has started again, meaning it’s time for a new ArtSmart Roundtable! For those unfamiliar with the ArtSmart concept: we’re a group of culturally focused travel bloggers from around the world, once a …


Amsterdam’s Hidden Gem: Ons Lieve Heer Op Solder Church

A Hidden Treasure of Tolerance In the Heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District This article was our contribution to the monthly ArtSmart Roundtable for November 2014, a collaboration between like-minded art-focused travel blogs to write articles …


Botero’s Voluminous Sculptures Around the World

Botero - Man_on_Horse - Medellin

  Botero’s Voluminous Sculptures Around the World  ArtSmart Roundtable Time for a new round of articles from the ArtSmart group, bringing together great topics of interest from the crossroads of art and travel. This month …