Aren’t We All Urban By Nature? International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

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Aren’t We All Urban By Nature?   Rotterdam’s International Architecture Biennale ’14   What better place there is in The Netherlands for an International Architecture Biennale than Rotterdam, the Dutch port city that is establishing itself more and more as the modern architecture city of the country. The biennale kicked off some two weeks ago, at the same time as … Read More

Discovering Rotterdam’s Laurensquartier with ZigZagCity

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  Discovering Rotterdam’S Laurensquartier with ZigZagCity   One of the main attractions for tourists visiting Rotterdam, the Dutch port city, is generally its modern architecture. Not surprisingly thus that the ZigZagCity architecture festival – on until the 9th of June – takes place exactly in this city. Every year the festival is organized it concentrates on another part of town and … Read More

Rotterdam Markthal: Holland’s largest indoor food market

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2014-Netherlands-Rotterdam-IABR-Markthal (13)

Rotterdam Markthal Holland’s largest indoor food Market   With the aim to be the largest indoor food market in the Netherlands, the new Rotterdam Markthal (Dutch for ‘market hall’) in the second biggest city of The Netherlands, sets the expectations for our visit to the premises situated near train station Blaak and the famous cube houses in the Blaakse Bos on a … Read More

ZigZagCity: Rotterdam Architecture Festival

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  ZigZagCity Rotterdam Architecture Festival   Next week, as from Ascension Day, two exciting events with the central theme ‘architecture’ will kick off in Rotterdam, the second largest city of The Netherlands: the architecture festival ZigZagCity and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. Two promising events putting this modern port city in the spotlight of the attention during this summer. This … Read More

Affordable Art Fair Maastricht

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Affordable Art Fair Maastricht

  [Tweet “Affordable Art Fair Conquers The Dutch South – First time in #Maastricht this weekend!”] Affordable Art Fair Maastricht Conquering The Dutch South   During the very first days of the launch of this site, back at the end of October 2013, the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) made its annual stop in Amsterdam. A great event – and a … Read More

Nachttour: Discover the Plantage Amsterdam At Night

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EN/NL Nachttour: Discover the Plantage Amsterdam At Night   Would you like to explore the different areas in Amsterdam more in depth and discover some hidden gems? This Thursday, the 13th of March, you’ll have a chance to see more of the Plantage neighborhood during the cultural mini-festival Nachttour organized by N8, the organization behind the Museumnacht. The idea for … Read More

The Modern Dutch Stijl

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The Modern Dutch Stijl   It is the first Monday of the month again and that means it’s time for the ArtSmart Roundtable, a monthly event by an international group of art-enthusiastic travel bloggers. This month’s theme is National Art, a theme that can be approached from many different angles, as you will see from the other contributions. Our choice … Read More

Re-opening Kunsthal Rotterdam With S.H.O.E.S. Marimekko & WWII

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Re-opening Kunsthal After having been closed for seven months due to a thorough renovation the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will finally re-open again Saturday 1 February. The first speculations about the reasons of the renovation were naturally the art theft that can possibly be considered as one of the largest of the century, and at least of the last … Read More

Now Japan

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Contrary to many other ‘non-Western’ countries, Japanese artists have since the 1950s embraced more or less every international art movement, something which is very well visible when looking at the works of renown Japanese artists like Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama, who both have stolen the show at many international art events. The Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort – just some … Read More

Amsterdam Light Festival In Pictures

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Illuminade – The Walking Route As soon as you walk out of Amsterdam’s Central Station coming weeks, you’ll be surprised by some special lights and no, we are not referring to the huge Christmas tree that’s standing outside the station. It’s the light sculptures of the Amsterdam Light Festival.   This second edition of the festival is on until the … Read More

Escher Meets Islamic Art

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If you are as fascinated by the work of the Dutch graphic artist Escher as we are, we’re sure ‘Escher Meets Islamic Art’, the title of his current exhibition in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, will grab your attention. Maurits Cornelis Escher – more often referred to as M.C. Escher – is mostly known for his lithographs and woodcuts containing impossible interlocking … Read More

Art Round Trip The Netherlands

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Art Round Trip The Netherlands

With a country as small as The Netherlands it’s almost a pity to stay only in its biggest tourist draw Amsterdam and its surroundings. Although the average tourist might not venture much further than Volendam or Kinderdijk, for the art lovers among us there are usually some great exhibitions organised in other parts of the country, as is again the … Read More