Art Round Trip The Netherlands

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Art Round Trip The Netherlands

With a country as small as The Netherlands it’s almost a pity to stay only in its biggest tourist draw Amsterdam and its surroundings. Although the average tourist might not venture much further than Volendam or Kinderdijk, for the art lovers among us there are usually some great exhibitions organised in other parts of the country, as is again the … Read More

Top Ten Cities in Europe 2013

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Florence © Joe Price (Flickr Creative Commons)

The renowned American travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, each year poses the question to its readers: what are the top cities worldwide? Actually, they also ask what are the lows, but here we’ll stay positive. It’s easy to love lists, it’s a quick way of being inspired in a flash moment and also a good way of verifying if the … Read More

Stockholm’s Metro Network: The World’s Longest Art Exhibition

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Stockholm Underground Solna

Stockholm’s Metro Network The World’s Longest Art Exhibition   Welcome to what is often referred to as the ‘world’s longest art exhibition’, better known as Stockholm’s Metro Network. Already in the 19th century a general debate about making art more accessible to the public was going on in Sweden. It will thus not come as a surprise, that in the … Read More

The Truth Behind Van Gogh’s ‘Sunset at Montmajour’

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Van Gogh's Sunset at Montmajour

Funny how a rumour could’ve kept a masterpiece on an attic forever, wouldn’t it be for the involvement of modern technology. A few days ago we spent some time in the Van Gogh museum here in Amsterdam, whereof some time was dedicated to understanding how a painting, more than a century old, can suddenly be “discovered”. The ‘Sunset at Montmajour’ … Read More

Umbrellas in Àgueda

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The streets full of colourful umbrellas are back in Àgueda for the AgitÀgueda festival until 28th of July 2013. The below photo was made by Patrícia Almeida. You can admire more of her beautiful photos on her Flickr account. AgitÀgueda is a yearly cultural event that takes place in Àgueda, a tiny little municipality some eighty kilometers south of Porto. It … Read More