Huge Colourful Snails Crawling Riga’s Streets

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Huge Colourful Snails Crawling Riga’s Streets   During the month of May, 2014, Riga’s citizens and visitors were surprised by some huge colourful snails crawling the city’s streets, making their progress surely but slowly, every day appearing a bit further from their previous location. The interaction between the 14 snails in total and its audience – basically everyone passing by – … Read More

Riga Travel Tips Based on Our First Impressions

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  Riga Travel Tips on First Impressions A European CulturAl Capital Here to Impress   We’ve been on the road again, lucky enough to spend a whole week in the Latvian capital, Riga. It almost felt like being caught fish released back into the water; there’s no point in denying that the excitement of a new place is the kind of buzz that … Read More

Spring is Coming to ‘Riga 2014’

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  Riga 2014 Spring Events   Winters in the Baltic region can be tough and long, but the good news is that spring eventually will come. No exception this year either; the past few days Riga had temperatures close to the twenties, spring is definitely in the air. With the arrival of the spring we’re also planning our trip to … Read More

A Major European Culture Force In Riga

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12 ‘RIGA2014’ ART HIGHLIGHTS – A EUROPEAN FORCE MAJEUR   Being the European Capital of Culture is a big moment for any potential host city. It’s simply a great opportunity to reassess the city’s cultural identity, while also developing a platform as a launching pad into a bright future. At the same time it’s a great moment to showcase what … Read More

European Capitals of Culture 2014

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  European Capitals of Culture 2014   The article below is presenting the European Capitals of Culture for 2014. Are you instead more interested in the new capitals for 2015? Then go ahead and check out our new articles presenting the 2015 hosts here: Pilsen and Mons – The European Capitals of Culture for 2015.   A new year. The … Read More

The European Capital of Culture 2014: Riga

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Riga 2015 Cultural Capital

The picks for the European Capital of Culture always raise some curiosity in regards to the reasons for a certain choice. The choices for next year’s capitals are no different. Yet, after you have seen this video you’ll agree that Riga has rightly deserved to be one of the two European Capitals of Culture for 2014, it’s a beautiful city … Read More