Jeff Koons: The Retrospective – Artist or Marketeer?

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Jeff Koons: The Retrospective

Jeff Koons: The Retrospective – Artist or Marketeer? My first memory of Jeff Koons is from the late 1980s when his “Made in Heaven” exhibition – mainly containing sexually explicit photographs and sculptures featuring himself and the Hungarian-Italian porn-star, later wife of Koons’s, Cicciolina (a.k.a Ilona Staller) – reached the news. Not only did it reach the news world of the … Read More

The Year’s Best Exhibitions in Paris

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Paris Museum exhibitions 2015

The Best Exhibitions in Paris in 2015   Paris is a difficult city to visit. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, we did say difficult… Sure, not in the typical difficult-difficult kind of way, otherwise it would be hard to reach the status as the most visited city in the world. In fact, we’ve been there just two weekends ago and we loved … Read More

Paris Ghost Stations Re-imagined

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Let’s have a look at a vision that likely never is going to take place, but admittedly feels like a nice idea: what to do with old underground stations, which for a reason or another are left empty? The mayoral elections are coming up in Paris later this spring and one of the candidates, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, has an ingenious way … Read More

La Tour 13, Paris

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One of the most impressive collective street art projects we have ever come across, took place in Paris, France October last. Here a tower of ten floors, about 4500 square meters in total, was temporarily converted into one big street art gallery. As the authorities considered renovation of the building to become too costly, it was decided to demolish the … Read More

This Weekend: Paris For Photography Lovers With Photo Paris and Fotofever

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Paris Photo City

This weekend Paris will be the city of choice for the photography lovers among us. The photo weekend will start on Thursday the 14th of November with the opening of one of the world’s most prestigious photo fairs, Paris Photo, followed by the opening of Fotofever on the 15th of November. Whereas Paris Photo is an established international photo fair … Read More