Keukenhof Art Square: A Fusion Of Flowers And Art

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Visiting Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world, is already quite an event by itself as we experienced ourselves last week. The 7 million flower bulbs planted in the 32 hectare large garden all start to blossom the first half of spring and create a beautiful palet of colours. In the two months the park is open, roughly 800.000 … Read More

Art as Therapy at Rijksmuseum

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Alain de Botton at Rijksmuseum

  Art as Therapy at Rijksmuseum   This coming Thursday, April 24th, the authors and philosophers Alain de Botton and John Armstrong will for the first time ever put the theories from their popular book Art As Therapy into practice at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. An opening we will personally attend and an event we look forward to with high anticipations. Art … Read More

Richard Mosse The Enclave: Art and Documentary

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  Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’ Art and Documentary from a War Zone   The main challenge any visitor to Richard Mosse‘s exhibition ‘The Enclave‘ will face is how to deal with the inner emotional conflict that undoubtedly will confront any observer. How can something so beautiful as what there’s on display reconcile with something so cruel as the motif for the … Read More

Cinema Remake At Eye Amsterdam: Where Art and Cinema Come Together

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Cinema Remake At Eye Amsterdam: Where Art and Cinema Come Together   Next month it will already be two years ago that the Eye – the Amsterdam based film museum – opened the doors of its new location across the Ij River, a stylish modern architectural building designed by the architects Delugan Meissl Associated Architects who among others designed the … Read More

Nachttour: Discover the Plantage Amsterdam At Night

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EN/NL Nachttour: Discover the Plantage Amsterdam At Night   Would you like to explore the different areas in Amsterdam more in depth and discover some hidden gems? This Thursday, the 13th of March, you’ll have a chance to see more of the Plantage neighborhood during the cultural mini-festival Nachttour organized by N8, the organization behind the Museumnacht. The idea for … Read More

Amsterdam Light Festival In Pictures

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Illuminade – The Walking Route As soon as you walk out of Amsterdam’s Central Station coming weeks, you’ll be surprised by some special lights and no, we are not referring to the huge Christmas tree that’s standing outside the station. It’s the light sculptures of the Amsterdam Light Festival.   This second edition of the festival is on until the … Read More

Escher Meets Islamic Art

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If you are as fascinated by the work of the Dutch graphic artist Escher as we are, we’re sure ‘Escher Meets Islamic Art’, the title of his current exhibition in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, will grab your attention. Maurits Cornelis Escher – more often referred to as M.C. Escher – is mostly known for his lithographs and woodcuts containing impossible interlocking … Read More

Art Taking Over Amsterdam This Weekend

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This coming weekend Amsterdam has again some nice events on offer for the art lovers among us. Below we’ll feature two events that will take a dominant place in the Amsterdam art scene coming days and will be worth checking out: PAN AMSTERDAM Last weekend PAN Amsterdam opened its doors for its 27th edition in Amsterdam Rai. The art fair, … Read More

Chambres des Canaux: The Tolerant Home in Amsterdam

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Chambres des Canaux

Have you ever been into one of Amsterdam’s canal houses? The exhibition ‘Chambres des Canaux: The Tolerant Home’ gives you an excellent chance to explore twenty of them, while viewing works of international renowned contemporary artists like Marlene Dumas, Fiona Tan and Guido van der Werve. The two themes that are central in this exhibition are the tolerant nature that … Read More

Amsterdam’s MuseumNacht: The Real Halloween Party

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Museumnacht 2013

It’s that time of the year again, when the spookiness hits the streets of Amsterdam, when the mist is hanging heavily over the canals, the shades are longer than usually and it’s dead quiet on the streets: it’s Halloween time. But nah, just kidding. This is Amsterdam and it’s Museumnacht time, which in this city means party time! It’s one … Read More