Banksy In New York

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anksy - This Is My New York Accent

Remember that last week we said that there were speculations that Banksy would have an event of some sorts in Los Angeles in October? That rumour was false, it turns out that New York City will be in the limelight instead. A new work in NYC was painted over the same night, followed by a sign saying “Graffiti is crime”. … Read More

Painting an Entire Favela in Rio de Janeiro by Haas & Hahn

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Sketch for painted hill in Vila Cruzeiro

Be part of largest favela painting project ever – a Kickstarter project by Haas & Hahn. Between 2005 and now, Haas & Hahn have been working on several public artworks in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro together with the local community members. As each project became larger than the one before, they now aim to realize their ultimate dream; … Read More

Alternative London Street Art Workshops

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Alternative London Street Art Workshops

Street Art. Yes, it’s something we at Art Weekenders hold close to our artsy hearts. We simply believe that there are few other elements of artistic expressions that can feel more contemporary, more part of the every-day life. It’s there, right in front of us, showing a slice of the society we live in. Street art of the highest quality is … Read More

Umbrellas in Àgueda

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The streets full of colourful umbrellas are back in Àgueda for the AgitÀgueda festival until 28th of July 2013. The below photo was made by Patrícia Almeida. You can admire more of her beautiful photos on her Flickr account. AgitÀgueda is a yearly cultural event that takes place in Àgueda, a tiny little municipality some eighty kilometers south of Porto. It … Read More