Street Art Tuesday: Valparaiso, Chile


  Street Art Tuesday From Valparaiso, Chile   It’s time for Street Art Tuesday again! Every Tuesday we’ll take you to a different location around the world to have a closer look at the street …


Street Art Corner from Valencia, Spain


  Street Art Corner From Valencia, Spain   Today it’s time for our second Street Art Tuesday. Every week we will take you to a different location around the world to have a closer look …


Street Art Tuesday: Bogotá, Colombia


Street Art Tuesday From Bogota, Colombia   Today is the start of a new weekly series: Street Art Tuesday. Every week we will take you to a different location somewhere around the world to have …


Is Banksy too Mainstream Now?

Banksy - Graffiti is a crime (NYC)

  Is Banksy too Mainstream Now? (Banksy Visiting Stockholm)   Apparently, the famous English street artist, Banksy, is visiting Stockholm later this week. A great event for all street art lovers, but there was something …

Berlin’s Streets: The Street Artists’ Playground


  Berlin’s STREETS The street artists’ Playground   When you’re in the right parts of Berlin – or for what others may say are actually the wrong parts given the negative image street art sometimes …

The RedBall Project in Court

RedBall Project Taipei

A legal victory for the RedBall project   Remember the RedBall Project we wrote about some months ago? Or maybe you’ve even seen a gigantic red ball appearing in your city? If you live in Europe, more …

Discovering Street Art With Your iPhone


The art forms among our favourites is an genre that’s generally free to view and accessible 24/7, no entrance fee needed. The only issue you usually might face is finding it. What we’re talking about …

La Tour 13, Paris


One of the most impressive collective street art projects we have ever come across, took place in Paris, France October last. Here a tower of ten floors, about 4500 square meters in total, was temporarily …

The RedBall Project

RedBall Project Paris

Admittedly, we’re not the first to pay attention to this red gigantic ball, this project has been touring the world for many years now and attracted attention from numerous media outlets. The RedBall Project by …

Escadaria Selaron


Escadaria Selarón – a unique artwork consisting of tiled steps on one of Rio de Janeiro’s hills. Jorge Selarón, the artist behind the artwork, dedicated his life to altering the appearance of the stairs by …