ArtZuid: Amsterdam’s International Sculpture Route

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ArtZuid Amsterdam

ArtZuid Amsterdam’s International Sculpture Route This post is part of the monthly ArtSmart Roundtable, a group of art-loving travel bloggers all writing about a common theme once a month. The theme of this month is Festivals and our pick is the festival-like event ArtZuid taking place in Amsterdam the coming months. Make sure to also check out the other contributions for … Read More

The World’s Best Open-Air Museums

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The World’s Best Open-Air Museums Spring is in the air, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed for us members of the ArtSmart Roundtable, a group of culturally focused travel bloggers. For this month’s round of articles the focus is naturally on the warmer, brighter season ahead. The theme for the month is ‘spring‘. For us it will be a good … Read More

Tom Otterness’ Fairytales at Sea Along Scheveningen Beach

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Sculptor Tom Otterness' sculptures At Sea Scheveningen

  Tom Otterness’ Fairytales at Sea Along Scheveningen Beach   It’s not that obvious to most people outside the Netherlands, but the Dutch have their own “Riviera”. Possibly not as spectacular as the Mediterranean original, especially since the water impossibly can get the same shade of blue on the North Sea coast, but nonetheless it is a summer-mecca and always … Read More

Calder’s Moving Sculptures at the Rijksmuseum

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  Calder’s Moving Sculptures at the Rijksmuseum   Starting today, June the 19th, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is hosting one of the most exciting temporary sculpture exhibitions in Europe for the year. The exhibition staged mainly in the museum’s ‘outdoor gallery’ is the largest ever outdoor show of Alexander Calder‘s works. ‘Calder at the Rijksmuseum‘ includes fourteen pieces displayed in the … Read More

Botero’s Voluminous Sculptures Around the World

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Botero - Man_on_Horse - Medellin

  Botero’s Voluminous Sculptures Around the World  ArtSmart Roundtable Time for a new round of articles from the ArtSmart group, bringing together great topics of interest from the crossroads of art and travel. This month it’s all about Sculptures from around the world. For us it means an opportunity to travel around in search for Fernando Botero’s sculptures around the … Read More

The Cement Eclipses Of Isaac Cordal

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The Cement Eclipses Of Isaac Cordal Tiny Figures With A Big Message   A watchful eye is needed to notice the figurines of Spanish sculptor and street artist Isaac Cordal placed on streets across Europe, but once you know of the existence of these little men in grey suits and discover one or more of them, we’re sure you will … Read More

Who Was David? The Florentine Press Reveals

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  Who Was David? The Florentine Press reveals   A new book is due to be published by The Florentine Press in May about Michelangelo’s David and unusually for a classic art project it will be made possible via a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. This famous statue is known to the entire world – and still we know surprisingly little about it. Which … Read More

Walter de Maria Passed Away

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Walter de Maria Chicha Art Museum

Yesterday sculptor and composer Walter de Maria passed away at the age of 77. One of our favourite works of his can be found in the Chichu Art Museum on the island Naoshima in Japan and basically consists of a sphere and a number of wooden panels in a large room. The sparsely decorated room fills you with an unique feeling of … Read More