The Undersea Art Exhibition

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Recently the Great Barrier Reef – world’s largest coral reef system – was housing a unique art event: the Undersea Art Exhibition. As the name already reveals, the art exhibition took place underwater, at the Marine World activity platform of the cruise-company Reef Magic in the outer Great Barrier Reef, … Read More

The Ninth Florence Biennale

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Tomorrow the doors open up at Florence’s ‘Fortezza da Basso‘ for the ninth Florence Biennale, or to use its official name: ‘La Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea di Firenze‘. The Florence of Michelangelo and da Vinci, the city of the Medicis, will for an eternity stay connected to the Rennaissance. Since … Read More

The Living Room By Roderick Hietbrink

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The Living Room

Yesterday’s storm left a trace of damages in among others the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Fallen trees, sunken houseboats, people crushed by trees or other objects falling down, it is something we didn’t experience in our tiny country for a long time, at least not since the early nineties … Read More

The Plastic Classics Of Jane Perkins

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Jane Perkins Plastic Classics: Vincent Van Gogh after Van Gogh's own Self-Portrait

You can be an artist – and you can be a “re-maker”. That’s what Jane Perkins calls herself. Well, we think it’s a pretty fun art project and original in its own rights: old masters work is re-done by simply re-purposing ordinary objects like buttons, toys, clothes pegs and anything … Read More

The Art Toast Project

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The Art Toast Project by Idafrosk

The Art Toast Project is an ongoing food art project by Ida Skivenes. The Norwegian artist uses pieces of toast as her canvas and makes edible versions of major art works by famous artists, such as Munch’s Scream, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and a Frida Kahlo. As per the latest update … Read More