Discovering Rotterdam’s Laurensquartier with ZigZagCity


  Discovering Rotterdam’S Laurensquartier with ZigZagCity   One of the main attractions for tourists visiting Rotterdam, the Dutch port city, is generally its modern architecture. Not surprisingly thus that the ZigZagCity architecture festival – on until …


Rotterdam Markthal: Holland’s largest indoor food market

2014-Netherlands-Rotterdam-IABR-Markthal (13)

Rotterdam Markthal Holland’s largest indoor food Market   With the aim to be the largest indoor food market in the Netherlands, the new Rotterdam Markthal (Dutch for ‘market hall’) in the second biggest city of The Netherlands, …


Yourtopia, Rotterdam’s House of the Future

  Yourtopia, Rotterdam’s House of the Future From the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2014   Today is the opening of the sixth edition of the IABR, Rotterdam’s International Architecture Biennale. The IABR is an event involving six …


ZigZagCity: Rotterdam Architecture Festival


  ZigZagCity Rotterdam Architecture Festival   Next week, as from Ascension Day, two exciting events with the central theme ‘architecture’ will kick off in Rotterdam, the second largest city of The Netherlands: the architecture festival …


Naoshima, Japan’s Contemporary Art Island

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Naoshima

  Naoshima, Japan’s Contemporary Art Island   It is the first Monday of the month again, which means it is time for the ArtSmart Roundtable – a monthly event during which a group of art …

Hundertwasser at ARKEN in Copenhagen

Hundertwasser at ARKEN in Copenhagen.

  Hundertwasser at ARKEN in Copenhagen   The ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen has been at the forefront of Danish art life for the past two decades. This year is not meant to …

Paris Ghost Stations Re-imagined


Let’s have a look at a vision that likely never is going to take place, but admittedly feels like a nice idea: what to do with old underground stations, which for a reason or another …


Calatrava Sued for Decaying Spaceship in Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences El_Palau_de_les_Arts_Reina_Sofía,_Valencia

You know the expression: not all that glitters is necessarily gold? Is it possibly the same situation with the extravagant Calatrava-designed ‘Palau de Las Artes‘ in Valencia, Spain. At least if you choose to listen to …


Oscar Niemeyer: Commemoration Of A Pioneer


This week the architect Oscar Niemeyer shortly came into the news, because of a fire that hit the Latin America Memorial in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which was designed by him. An incident that coincidentally happens …

Hong Kong’s Beehive-Resembling Architecture


If you’ve been to Hong Kong, or some other of the Chinese mega-cities, you’ll know exactly what we are going to refer to here. If not, we’ll try to give you an idea, with the …

Bert Spaan’s City Colour Mapping


What if you would colour every house on the map based on the age of the building? That’s exactly what Bert Spaan did with the close to ten million buildings in The Netherlands with an …