Rotterdam’s Bobbing Forest

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Rotterdam’s Bobbing Forest How to increase vegetation in an urban environment which is full of interesting architectural buildings and water, but where only little space is left for anything else? The Dutch artist Jorge Bakker found the solution with his Bobbing Forest project. During this project different people and organizations – including the art collective Mothership – collaborated and experimented, … Read More

Earth Art – Out To Nature Back To The Gallery

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Earth Art – Out To Nature Back To The Gallery ArtSmart Roundtable: On the Topic of ‘Art Concepts’ The ArtSmart Roundtable is back for October. This month the theme is a broad one: concept in art, conceptual art, a topic with many different possibilities. For us, the choice fell on the concept of Land Art, an art direction that promises a lot … Read More

Street Art Moving People

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Street Art Moving People You might see them at the bus stop, in the supermarket, the park or even while travelling by train or subway en route to their next destination. Their collective name is the Moving People. Given that there are 10,010 of them, the chance that you will actually encounter one of them is rather high during the fall of … Read More

Two New European Culture Capitals Ready to Embrace 2015

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European Culture Capitals 2015 - Plzen and Mons

Two New European Culture Capitals Embracing 2015 The European Capital of Culture 2015 title is shared between the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic, and the Belgian town of Mons. Are this year’s events going to be focused solely on beer and chocolate, or there’s more we can expect? For sure there will be much more – but what exactly? Below we’ll … Read More

Huge Colourful Snails Crawling Riga’s Streets

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Huge Colourful Snails Crawling Riga’s Streets   During the month of May, 2014, Riga’s citizens and visitors were surprised by some huge colourful snails crawling the city’s streets, making their progress surely but slowly, every day appearing a bit further from their previous location. The interaction between the 14 snails in total and its audience – basically everyone passing by – … Read More

Art Treasure Hunt as Therapy

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Art Is Therapy Exhibition catalog detail

  Art Treasure Hunt at the Rijksmuseum   This is your chance to win a signed copy of the newly published book by Alain de Botton: ‘Art is Therapy’ is up for grabs, please read on for the background to the story and see at the bottom of the article the little you need to do to have the chance to win the … Read More

Art as Therapy at Rijksmuseum

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Alain de Botton at Rijksmuseum

  Art as Therapy at Rijksmuseum   This coming Thursday, April 24th, the authors and philosophers Alain de Botton and John Armstrong will for the first time ever put the theories from their popular book Art As Therapy into practice at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. An opening we will personally attend and an event we look forward to with high anticipations. Art … Read More

Time for the 2014 Edition of the Slow Art Day

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Slow Art Day Worldwide in April

[Tweet “Do you think we’re rushing through life? Take it easy – join the Slow Art Day #SlowArtDay”] Slow Art Day 2014 Worldwide on April 12th   Are you of the opinion that we’re rushing through life way too fast? Are you also guilty to this over-eagerness? For instance, when you visit a museum or an exhibition, what’s your approach: … Read More

Banksy Artwork on Rijksmuseum, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House and ..

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Banksy Artwork on Rijksmuseum, Eiffel Tower, SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE AND …   The world famous street artist Banksy has recently worked on a special artwork for the campaign #WithSyria, which will be projected on different buildings in 35 countries worldwide, among which on Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington … Read More

Project 365 – Making Art Accessible

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Project 365 – Making Art Accessible

Project 365 – The Art of Giving and Contributing   [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”notext”] Divider Text [/ale_divider] This article is about ‘Project 365’, an art initiative based on the foundation of giving and inspiring, and highlighting art for what it’s meant to do: connecting people. [ale_divider style=”thin” text=”notext”] Divider Text [/ale_divider] Have you ever tried sticking to a project for a … Read More