The Clouds of Urszula Korwin Kochanowska

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Urszula Korwin Kochanowska

The Clouds of Urszula Korwin Kochanowska  – Artist in Focus – Once in a while we come across some artworks that just stick in our minds, which make us go back for another look several times. It can be just because they make us smile through their beauty, or their simplicity, or thanks to the colours … Read More

The Human Earth Project

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Human_Earth_Project_logo human trafficking

The complexities of human trafficking – Documented   For a moment we will turn our eyes to a project we support and hope will do well. A project we hope will create an increased awareness for one of the great shames of humanity. Human trafficking. You would say that for … Read More

Cindy Sherman – Untitled Horrors

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  Cindy Sherman – Untitled Horrors   Today Cindy Sherman is considered one of the most influential photographers of our times, who during her entire career has sought to raise some of the most challenging and important questions about the role and representation of women in society, the media and … Read More