This Summer’s Must-See Exhibitions In Düsseldorf


This Summer’s Must-See Exhibitions

In Düsseldorf, Germany


With 26 museums and over 100 galleries in town we can promise you that there’s no need to get bored in the German city of Düsseldorf. Yet, since time – and most likely your energy – is usually limited, we have selected this summer’s must-see art exhibitions in the city, which during the recent years established itself as an important centre for contemporary art, both nationally and internationally.


Wim Wenders – Landscapes. Photos.

until 16 August 2015

in Museum Kunstpalast

The Museum Kunstpalast is huge and whilst many of the other exhibitions on show will certainly be worthwhile viewing too, we would like to highlight one exhibition in particular, namely the exhibition ‘Landscapes. Photos.’ of the photographer – and movie director – Wim Wenders. Although Wim Wenders is internationally mostly known for his movies – like “Wings of Desire”, “Pina” or “The Salt Of The Earth”- , photography is the other half of his life, as the artist himself puts it. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the artist’s 70th birthday and about 80 impressive large-scale photographs and landscape pictures of Wenders’ are shown in a pretty perfect exhibition hall. All pictures are by the way made without artificial lighting or tripod.


Exhibition Wim Wenders at Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf.


Japanese in Murano

until 20 September 2015

in Museum Kunstpalast

Although fairly small, the exhibition Japanese in Murano is one that will make a lasting impression because of the excellent glass objects on display, all being a result of combining the refined Japanese approach to the arts with the glass craftmanship of Murano. Exhibited are the art works of the three Japanese artists Kyohei Fujita, Yoichi Ohira and Yasuhiko Tsuchida. When visiting the exhibition make sure to watch the interesting documentary about the cooperation between Japanese artists and local craftsmen from Murano in the room in the back. The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Glasmuseum Hentrich, which has an outstanding collection of glass art from Murano itself and is accessible with your entrance ticket to the Kunstpalast too.


Yoichi Ohira (geb. 1946), Vase „Cristallo Sommerso N. 31 – Scolpito”, Murano 2008. Ausführung Andrea Zilio und Giacomo Barbini. H. 19,3 cm.



Contemporary Art from China on the Rhine and Ruhr

until 13 September 2015

in NRW-Kunstforum and other

It is not often that you get the chance to look into the Chinese contemporary art world on such a large scale as during the exhibition China8. Contemporary Art from China on the Rhine and Ruhr. The exhibition takes place in 8 different cities and 9 museums along the rivers Rhine and Ruhr and shows 500 works of about 120 Chinese artists. Each museum will focus on a different type of contemporary art form, ranging from sculptures to painting to video installations to calligraphy and photography. The 8 in the exhibition title does not specifically refer to (just) the eight host cities, the number 8 is actually an important lucky number for the Chinese.


Sculpture by Yue Minjun in front of the NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf

The cities partaking in this exhibition are Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirche, Hagen, Marl, Mulheim An Der Ruhr and Recklinghausen. During the weekends there is a free guided shuttle bus service taking you from one location to the other. For details check the China8 exhibition website.


Miro. A Painter Among Poets

from 13 June to 27 September 2015

in Nordrhein-Westfalen K20 Grabbeplatz

Did you know that the Spanish artist Joan Miro had a lifelong interest in literature and poetry, and that this was a big source of inspiration for his art? Miro was in fact friends with many great writers of his time. The exhibition Miro. A Painter Among Poets in K20 – the museum for art of the 20th century – is fully devoted to these little known facts and through over 110 objects you’ll get a more profound insight Into how Miro combined words and images in his art objects.

ps. If you’re a fan of Miro’s, you might also like to visit the Rijksmuseum’s gardens in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this summer. Various of Miro’s sculptures will be displayed in the museum’s gardens from 19 June to 11 October 2015.


Terra Incognita – Perception of landscape in the Present

until  14 June 2015

in KIT – Kunst im Tunnel

The exhibition space in the Rheinufertunnel, better known as Kunst im Tunnel (translated as ‘art in the tunnel’), is the place to discover young talent just graduated from the art academy. During the exhibition Terra Incognita – Perception of landscape in the Present you can see how these young artists approach the most traditional genre in imagery: the landscape. The artists all aim to depict the landscape as precisely as possible, yet still subjectively, creating interesting images and videos.


Imi Knoebel To Honour Malevich

until 30 August 2015

in Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K21 Staendehaus

The German artist Imi Knoebel is one of the most important postmodernist artists on an international level and this summer you can see a number of his works during the exhibition Imi Knoebel To Honour Malevich at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K21 Staendehaus, the museum for contemporary art of the 21st century. One of the artist that had an enormous influence on Imi Knoebel was Kazimir Malevich and the parallels are easy to draw, especially after seeing some of the works of Malevich, which are also part of the exhibition.


Imi Knoebel exhibition at K21, Düsseldorf

If you haven’t been to K21 before make sure to free some time to see the other exhibitions too, especially the interactive exhibition ‘In Orbit’ of Tomas Saraceno at the top floor. Whilst the building, the adjoining cafe and the art works on display are impressive and occasionally very entertaining, this can’t be said about the museum staff.


 Cody Choi. Culture Cuts

until 2 August 2015

in Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

The exhibition Cody Choi. Culture Cuts in the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf is the first retrospective worldwide of the Korean artist Cody Choi, who has an important role in the international art scene, especially by contributing to the intercultural dialog. The experience of being considered “Asian” in the United States, but “American” in Asia is one of his sources for inspiration for his work, in which he focuses on the issues around cultural socialization and assimilation. His art varies from paintings and drawings to sculptures and installations and computer graphics.

Have you been to any other exhibitions in Düsseldorf you think are worth visiting? Or do you know of interesting upcoming shows? Feel free to let us know in the comments or send us an email to wkndr at artweekenders dot com.

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