Street Art Corner from Montpellier, France


Street Art Montpellier

A Street Art Corner from France


When arriving in elegant Montpellier streetart was somehow not the first thing we expected to see much of, but we can now say that the street art scene was just one of the pleasant surprises awaiting us in this Southern French city. With an attractive old city-centre, a relaxed atmosphere and a nice Mediterranean climate this university city definitely caught our attention. More about our impressions from the city itself will follow in a separate article soon, but now first out is a comeback for our Street Art Corner from Montpellier, France.

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-Streetart

Where we’ve often been able to learn a bit about what’s going on in a country or a city through the local street art due to the social-political undertone the art-form often entails, the majority of the street-art we came across in Montpellier was more of the happy and lighthearted kind, far from the social-political criticism often encountered in street art. Have a look for example at the above art work by what we believe is AW (please let us know if you can confirm the artist) or the below stencil by Al Sticking, they immediately bring a smile to the face, don’t they?

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-Streetart

Street art by Al Sticking, Montpellier, France


Street Art Montpellier – The Little Details Matter

Or take this walled-in-bike popping out from a facade, one out of many more ‘half-bikes’ we spotted in Montpellier – in general a very bike-friendly city, by the way. A pretty imaginative project, we thought, that somehow fully fits in with the architecture and the vibes of the city, mixing the slight edginess the bikes create with the ruggedness of the medieval walls.

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-Streetart-BMX

Street art by BMX, Montpellier, France

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-Streetart

Street art by BMX, Montpellier, France.

This below cute little ghost is another recurring character in Montpellier. We encountered it a couple of times in Montpellier and again, colour-tones and imaginativeness fully fit the environment around it, we thought.

Streetart Montpellier: 2014_France_Montpellier_Streetart_13_

Streetart Montpellier: France_Montpellier_Streetart_31_

These decorated bollards around a square in the old city-centre are the result of yet another creative project that seems to be embraced by the local community. Most of them are faded, indicating they must have been there for years, but there are also some really fresh ones.

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-Streetart

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-StreetartWhereas we did not manage to find many names or nationalities of the street artists around in Montpellier, the recurring characters, themes and stylishness like the ghost or the bikes do give us a slight hint that many of them must be French, perhaps even Montpellier-based ones. We did by the way only visit the central parts of the city, so it could be that you’ll have a whole different experience in the outskirts of town, streetart Montpellier of a different flavour to it.

Streetart Montpellier: France-Montpellier-Streetart-Space-Invader

Streetart by Invader, Montpellier, France


Do you happen to know any of the street artists we’ve featured in this article? Please leave a comment below, we’d love to credit the artists behind all street art we show.


Street art by Sunny Jim, Montpellier, France



Streetart (left) by Oré, Montpellier, France



This Street Art Montpellier article is part of our ‘Street Art Corner’ series during which we take you to different street art locations around the world. Would you like to contribute to the Street Art Corner series? Just send us a message at wkndr (at) artweekenders (dot) com. We love to see more street art crossing our paths, either on the net or in real life.

France-Montpellier-Streetart  France-Montpellier-Streetart


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