Street Art Corner from Girona, Spain


Street Art Corner

from Girona, Spain


After a much welcomed summer-break we’re back again with our Street Art Corner, this time from Girona, Spain!


Last week we spontaneously booked a flight to Girona, Spain, looking for some warmth and sun during the rainiest August we have had in Amsterdam for a long time.


Street art in Girona, Spain by Scaramuix


As in many other Spanish cities, like for example Valencia and Barcelona, we encountered a good selection of street art in Girona as well.


Street art by Interesni Kazki in Girona, Spain

Besides a lot of graffiti (and we mean really a lot!) we mostly noticed the walls in the Catalonian city being decorated with cartoonish characters. We did however also came across some bigger pieces of street art, such as the above one by the Ukrainian duo Interesni Kazki (located at Travessia Portal Nou 8).



Street art in Girona, Spain.

Digging a bit more into the street art scene in Girona we discovered we just missed the Milestone Project, an annual street art event which took place in Girona during the past June. Unfortunately, we hardly saw any of the walls made for this project this year Рapart from the above one of Interesni Kazki -, as we had limited time to spend in the city and only stayed around the old centre of Girona. This area still  seems to be fairly untouched by street artists in regards to big murals, apart from some decorated shutters and doors here and there.




To give you an idea of the street art created for this project have a look at their Facebook page here. You’ll likely still be able to find many of the Milestone Project creations when walking around the city.

Lastly, we discovered some nice public art through town for the Color Latent exhibition, a contemporary art exhibition at different locations throughout town. Perhaps it’s not real street art, but we just couldn’t withhold this one from you.


Public art part of the Color Latent, contemporary art exhibition throughout Girona, Spain.

Do you happen to know the name(s) of any of the street artists which we showed works of in this article and which we don’t know? Feel free to share this with us, so we can properly credit all artists.


Streetart? In any case, much more colorful than a plain riverbed.


Somriu! (translated Smile!), reminding us of one of our favourite movies Amelie


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