Discovering Rotterdam’s Laurensquartier with ZigZagCity



Discovering Rotterdam’S Laurensquartier

with ZigZagCity


One of the main attractions for tourists visiting Rotterdam, the Dutch port city, is generally its modern architecture. Not surprisingly thus that the ZigZagCity architecture festival – on until the 9th of June – takes place exactly in this city.


The Blaakse Bos converted into an urban jungle – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Every year the festival is organized it concentrates on another part of town and shows its visitors the original urban planning ideas, the contemporary uses and future opportunities in the area.

This year the focus is on the Laurensquartier, an area in which you’ll find architectural wonders like the Blaakse Bos Cube Houses – for the festival transformed into an urban jungle -, the new Markthal, but also lesser known areas like the Delftsevaart, an area we didn’t visit before, but is worth checking out in more depth as we discovered during our preview of the festival last week.


ZigZagCity installations Delftsevaart, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


The Luchtsingel which will connect different parts of the city and is part of the ZigZagCity routes – Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

ZigZagCity is there to make you see the neighbourhood from a whole different perspective and created five different routes based upon different visions, those of:

  • Skater/architect Victor Verhagen,
  • Archeologist Maaike Sier,
  • Photographer Rob ‘t Hart,
  • Architecture writer Paul Groenendijk and
  • Author/choreographer Raoul de Jong.

The routes are available at the ZigZagTravel, the “travel agent” of the festival, located at Delftseveer 3.


Nieuwe Delftse Poort, part of ZigZagCity – Rotterdam, The Netherlands


ZigZagCity installations Delftsevaart, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Besides these routes many different activities like movies, open air dance and music performances are included in the program, among which an exclusive audio installation in the district heating at the Delftsevaart (6 June).

Make sure to book your tickets in time to ensure your spot for performances with limited space.


Follow the purple lines La Linea, ZigZagCity – Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

For more information please check out our previous published article here.

ZigZagCity takes place during the opening weeks of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, another event with architecture as the central theme.


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