The Cement Eclipses Of Isaac Cordal


The Cement Eclipses Of Isaac Cordal

Tiny Figures With A Big Message



Cement Eclipses by Isaac Cordal.

A watchful eye is needed to notice the figurines of Spanish sculptor and street artist Isaac Cordal placed on streets across Europe, but once you know of the existence of these little men in grey suits and discover one or more of them, we’re sure you will be charmed by the Cement Eclipses as Cordal refers to them jointly. Yet, the message they’re carrying with them is not a light one.


Our discovery of one of the Cement Eclipses figures in Berlin by Isaac Cordal.

Coincidentally when we were walking through the streets of Berlin a couple of weeks ago, exploring the town and the street art around, we came across this alley in the Mitte neighborhood, full of street art, where we discovered one of Cordal’s little men, high up on one of the walls, looking as if it was on the verge of making the three meter high jump down.

This encounter made me think again of the artist behind them. I happened to come across him before when reading about the publication of his book Cement Eclipses in late 2013, the result of a project Cordal already started in 2006.

The sculptures – found in gutters, pavements, on top of bus shelters and many more unusual places – all express a certain heavy emotion, be it while spending their leisure time, waiting for the bus or during more sad moments like funerals or accidental death or suicide attempts. A conscious decision of the artist, who with these tiny figures aims to criticize the behaviour of us human beings as a social mass and he likes to challenge our view of society. The figures represent how people in our society become more and more like ‘furniture of the city’, having no free will, captured by their daily routines. Tiny figurines with big messages.

Isaac Cordal

Cement Eclipses by Isaac Cordal

As the chance to see the 25 cm high figurines is likely small for most of us, make sure to have a look at his book Cement Eclipses or Cordal’s Flickr account.

Have you ever come across one of Cordal’s figures? We’d love to hear more about your discovery and its whereabouts at wkndr at artweekenders dot com.

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