Berlin’s Streets: The Street Artists’ Playground



Berlin’s STREETS

The street artists’ Playground


When you’re in the right parts of Berlin – or for what others may say are actually the wrong parts given the negative image street art sometimes has – the chance that you will get overwhelmed with the amount of street art you’ll come across is pretty high.

While in the city last week we were quite impressed with the street art we found around town. Here’s a visual tour through some of the best pieces of street art we saw.

Where we happen to know the street artists’ name we’ve mentioned this, but there are still some nice ones of which we don’t know who is behind it. Do you happen to know any of them? Let us know in the comments, we’d really like to give the right accreditation here.

Like to know how we became street artists in Berlin? Continue reading here: How To Become A Berlin Street Artist For One Day.


Blu, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.


Street art alley, Mitte, Berlin, Germany.


Empty Belly, Raw Temple, Berlin.


Street art, Raw Temple, Berlin, Germany.


Little Lucy – El Bocho, Berlin, Germany.


Street art, Mitte, Berlin.


Os Gemeos, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.


Street art Mitte, Berlin, Germany.


3-d street art, alley Mitte, Berlin, Germany.



Roa, Berlin, Germany.


Street art, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.


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