Re-opening Kunsthal Rotterdam With S.H.O.E.S. Marimekko & WWII


Re-opening Kunsthal After having been closed for seven months due to a thorough renovation the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will finally re-open again Saturday 1 February. The first speculations about the reasons of the …


The Human Earth Project

Human_Earth_Project_logo human trafficking

The complexities of human trafficking – Documented   For a moment we will turn our eyes to a project we support and hope will do well. A project we hope will create an increased awareness …

Art Movies At International Film Festival Rotterdam


One of the cities we’ll be focusing on during the coming weeks is the second largest one in The Netherlands, namely Rotterdam. It’s a city that is often somewhat forgotten by visitors to our small …

The Scream Versions Around the World


[Tweet “How many Scream version are there? Edvard Munch’s most famous painting explained.”]   How Many Screams to Count?   If you’re visiting Oslo, it will be inevitable: you will be attracted by the force …

Discovering Street Art With Your iPhone


The art forms among our favourites is an genre that’s generally free to view and accessible 24/7, no entrance fee needed. The only issue you usually might face is finding it. What we’re talking about …


European Capitals of Culture 2014

European Capitals of Culture logo

  European Capitals of Culture 2014   The article below is presenting the European Capitals of Culture for 2014. Are you instead more interested in the new capitals for 2015? Then go ahead and check …


Calatrava Sued for Decaying Spaceship in Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences El_Palau_de_les_Arts_Reina_Sofía,_Valencia

You know the expression: not all that glitters is necessarily gold? Is it possibly the same situation with the extravagant Calatrava-designed ‘Palau de Las Artes‘ in Valencia, Spain. At least if you choose to listen to …

The Worst Tours of Porto

Porto Old Town. Architecture Detail. Portugal

  ‘The Worst Tours’ of Porto   Frankly, aren’t we all a bit fed up with everything being packaged oh-so-nicely, everything being painted out as oh-so-wonderful in the tourism industry? Well, maybe not fully, in …

Malevich Exhibitions Around Europe in 2014


  Art, Supreme Thoughts and Malevich   It is now almost 100 years ago that Kazimir Malevich reached the pinnacle of his artistic career with his famous “black square”. Now soon a century after the …