The European Capital of Culture 2014: Riga

Riga 2015 Cultural Capital

The picks for the European Capital of Culture always raise some curiosity in regards to the reasons for a certain choice. The choices for next year’s capitals are no different. Yet, after you have seen this video you’ll agree that Riga has rightly deserved to be one of the two European Capitals of Culture for 2014, it’s a beautiful city with a vibrant cultural life and a rich history.

Rīga 2014 – European capital of Culture (Summer) from LTDA on Vimeo.

As a European capital of culture 2014 Riga is looking forward to a great year, where a lot of the focus will be placed on the domestic art scene, but also on a lot of performances involving artists with an international fame. A big part of Riga 2014 is the yearly choir olympics. From an art point of view the biggest name on display during the European Capital of Culture year is the Latvia-born but New York-based Vija Celmins‘s exhibition, ‘Double Reality‘.

Do you know which city is the other European Capital of Culture for 2014?

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If you are interested in knowing more about Riga’s program as the European capital of culture, please see our full agenda for the year in our article published in February 2014.

For those interested in knowing a bit more about the history of the European Capital of Culture program, here’s our article on the topic, shedding some light on the reasons for it and strategies employed by some of the past hosts: European Capitals of Culture.

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