Salvador Dali Of Our Times

Salvador Dali Of Our Times - The Persistence of Technology

What if Salvador Dali was born in 1983 instead of 1904?

A valid question that you may have posed yourself in relation to certain artists, when walking in a museum that exhibits art of the previous century or before.

The Persistence of Technology

The Persistence of Technology. Copyright Brian Kirhagis

Would Dali’s art have¬†been the same? Would he have used other objects in his work or used different communication channels? Perhaps he would not even have been that known at all considering the numerous artists around nowadays?

Artist Brian Kirhagis experimented with the above questions in his upcoming exhibition “BK x Dali”, where he shows Dali ‘in a contemporary jacket’, among others with iPhones, mobiles and social media icons.

“BK x Dali” is on show from 5- 30 September in the Sacred Gallery in New York.

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