Putin Says Pants to Painting

Our mission here at Art Weekenders is to promote travel around art, art to be admired and be seen. In some cases we think tough that it’s also important to highlight art that is NOT allowed to be seen.

In recent days it emerged in most media channels the news about the paintings of Putin in a Russian gallery, and the fact that they’ve been confiscated by the authorities. Here’s the background story.

Putin Painting

Vladimir Putin combing Dmitry Medvedev’s hair. By Konstantin Altunin.

We believe that this story also raises an important question: what role does art have in today’s society? Should art and politics be kept apart? Or do we want to believe in the power it can have, an important vehicle to highlight the injustices in society?

Art has always been an important tool in taking stance against abuse of power and we like it to stay that way. Be it slightly sarcastic or really serious.

About The Author: Pal Ujvarosi

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