Simon Christen’s Adrift

Simon Christen’s Adrift Emerge No 2

Every day in our life we can use five minutes of pure beauty.

This is a gorgeous video by Simon Christen, a time-lapse project of the Golden Gate Bridge hidden in fog, shot under many early mornings. A video project showing great proof of perseverance, patience – and talent, which on top of it leaves you humbled.

Simon Christen Emerge No 2

Simon Christen Emerge No 2 – All copyrights are reserved for Simon Christen.

The video had just in a week’s time almost one million views – once you watch it you will understand why. It’s easy to see why making it made the artist happy, watching it is a way of sharing the joy. Enjoy!



About The Author: Pal Ujvarosi

One half of the team behind Art Weekenders, where we travel, produce and keep developing our concept. For a living I work with management accounting, for dreaming I delve into many other areas of travel, writing and entrepreneurship, which more often than not don't result in money. Yet... I gained life experiences from living in eight different countries. Combined with extensive travelling in some fifty more, it's fair to say that I'm a global citizen with an international perspective - with the corresponding curse of becoming fairly rootless. My happy base now is Amsterdam - a faith I'm totally comfortable with.